Why Frank Law Firm?

Today, consumers are bombarded with television commercials, radio advertisements, and billboards for “Personal Injury Attorneys.” But not all personal injury attorneys are equal. The attorney with the most TV commercials may not be the best man or woman for the job.

Here are some characteristics of the Frank Law Firm that make it the right law firm for you:

  • A Real Office. We are not a phone number that will be answered in Orlando or another far off city. We are right here in Tallahassee.
  • You Actually Talk To An Attorney.  At the Frank Law Firm, you will speak to an attorney about your case soon after you first contact us.
  • Not a Volume Practice.  Because we do not sign up hundreds of cases at a time, we are able to give close, personal attention to each case that we accept, big or small.
  • Results, Results, Results.  We pride ourselves in getting the best result for every client at The Frank Law Firm.
  • Experience.  Our attorneys have the high level of training and experience needed to get you the compensation you deserve and to win your personal injury or wrongful death case.
  • We Care.  We care about you, your family, your job, and the life circumstances forced upon you due to your injuries.

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