Childcare Negligence

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There is nothing more loved or cherished that we turn over to the care of another than our children. Those who advertise and run a child or day care service accept a huge responsibility to operate in a safe manner that ensures no harm will come to the children accepted into its program.

Department of Children and Families Regulation

Florida Statute 402.305 provides minimum standards for child care facility employees. Its states, “Minimum standards for child care personnel shall include minimum requirements as to: (a) Good moral character based upon screening. This screening shall be conducted as provided in chapter 435, using the level 2 standards for screening set forth in that chapter. (b) The department may grant exemptions from disqualification from working with children or the developmentally disabled as provided in s. 435.07. (c) Minimum age requirements. Such minimum standards shall prohibit a person under the age of 21 from being the operator of a child care facility and a person under the age of 16 from being employed at such facility unless such person is under direct supervision and is not counted for the purposes of computing the personnel-to-child ratio.” There also are very stringent training requirements.

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